Paediatric Hearing Assessment

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Children’s Hearing Tests

At Cork Hearing Clinic we pride ourselves on being specialists in paediatric assessments.

All of our Audiological Scientists have specific paediatric audiology training. If you have concerns about your childs hearing, it is vital to have it assessed as it can be difficult to know if there is a hearing problem unless a full audiological examination is carried out.

All paediatric hearing assessments are carried out by one of our Audiological Scientists and an Audiology Assistant.

otoscopy kids


Otoscopy is a visual examination of the outer ear, ear canal and ear drum.
Video otoscopy is available at the clinic allows patients to see their own ear drums.


Tympanometry examines the middle ear and is used to detect conditions such as the middle ear fluid (glue ear) and eustachian tube dysfunction.

tympanometry child
otoacoustic emissions kids

Otoacoustic Emissions

This test assesses the outer hair cells in the cochlea/inner ear. It is an automatic test, used in the newborn hearing screener here in Ireland.

Visual Response Audiometry (VRA) (<3 years old)

This test checks a child's hearing by watching their reaction to sound and using visual rewards to reinforce the child's response.
The test is done using speakers in the room or earphones.

Visual Response Audiometry kids
play audiometry kids

Play Audiometry (>3 years old):

This test is carried out by placing headphones over a child’s ears and watching their response to the quietest sounds they can hear using various games. This allows us to obtain hearing thresholds in each ear.

Pure Tone Audiometry

This test is used on older children. They wear headphones and are asked to press a button in response to sound.

tympanometry kids
degree of hearing loss

At Cork Hearing Clinic a full explanation of the type and degree of hearing loss present is explained at your appointment