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Digital Hearing Aids

At Cork Hearing Clinic a wide variety of digital hearing aids are available for purchase. We are 100% independent and do not have contracts with any hearing aid provider. We provide hearing aids based on evidence and for this reason we supply Phonak hearing aids. Phonak is the leading hearing aid provider in the world. Therefore, whatever your hearing concerns may be, you can be assured of our commitment to providing the best and most appropriate digital hearing aid technology to enhance your quality of life.

Hearing aids are similar to minicomputers – they work automatically and amplify speech and neutralize unwanted background noise.

Factors such as lifestyle, hearing needs and cosmetic factors dictate the type of hearing aids that are recommended.

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hearing aids
hearing aids
Sally and her staff provide superb customer service. They patiently worked with me to find the right fitting ear piece which is so critical to comfort and long term wearing. They even helped me select the colour device that blended well with my hair! It's the small things that make a difference
Barbara Iverson
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Free Aftercare Service:

At Cork Hearing Clinic we are committed to providing the best hearing aid service to our clients. After you have your initial hearing aid fitting, we provide free aftercare appointments where adjustments to your hearing aids can be made to ensure you are 100% happy. If there is any query or question, we are on hand to help and work tirelessly to keep our clients hearing needs satisfied.

Hearing Aid Accessories:

MyPhonak app

The MyPhonak app allows you to control your behind the ear hearing aids to your smartphone.
We will show you how the app works and all of its features.
The MyPhonak app allows you to control the volume on your hearing aids and make additional changes to your hearing aid settings depending on the environment you’re in.

Roger Microphone

The Roger Microphone is an option for improving understanding of speech in noisy environments and over large distances. The Roger microphone can clip on to someone’s clothing or be placed on a table and picks up speech which is then streamed directly to your hearings aids via bluetooth.

TV connector

The TV connector allows sound from the television to be streamed directly to your hearing aids via bluetooth. It can also connect to your laptop to allow direct streaming from video calls and other audio on your computer.