All hearing tests for children are carried out by the Sally and an Audiology Assistant Pinki Sawani.

Visual Response Audiometry (< 4 years)
Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) uses the technique of distracting the child.  No language is used to test the child’s hearing.

Play Audiometry (> 4 years)
During play audiometry the child responds to sounds presented via earphones with the use of toys/games. Various games are used to obtain responses from the child.

Tympanometry is an automatic test of middle ear function.  It can detect the presence of fluid, ear infections and glue ear.  It can determine whether grommets are working.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)
This test is an automatic hearing test.  It is the test that is done at birth in the hospitals to check for deafness.

Swim Plugs / Swimming Moulds

Swim plugs are tailor made ear pieces that fit comfortably in the ears.   These provide ear protection for swimming, showering, bathing, surfing, swimming in the sea or pool.   Avid swimmers who swim frequently should wear swim plugs to protect the ears from sea water / chlorine.