Digital Hearing Aids

A wide variety of digital hearing aids are available for purchase at Cork Hearing Clinic.  Whatever your hearing concerns may be, at Cork Hearing Clinic you can be assured of Sally’s commitment to providing the best and most appropriate digital hearing aid technology to enhance your quality of life.

Digital hearing aids are similar to minicomputers – they work automatically and amplify speech and neutralize unwanted background noise.

Factors such as lifestyle, hearing needs and cosmetic factors dictate the type of digital hearing aids recommended by Sally.

After the digital hearing aids are fitted, there are many free appointments over the following few weeks to programme the digital hearing aids.

Sally is committed to ensuring that her patients are happy with their digital hearing aids and that they use them / wear them all the time.

Sally’s ongoing care has built a reputation of excellence with her patients and with GP doctors and Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists.

PRSI Grant

Sally is registered with the Hearing Treatment Benefit Panel, Department of social & Family Affairs.  Patients can obtain a PRSI grant of up to €500 per hearing aid purchased.